i wasted money for a joke

Sparkystream: ooh did you have school today

Sparkystream: Oh wait

pixel_voxel: No, not until the 7th

Sparkystream: don't tell me

Sparkystream: oh awwh

Sparkystream: I thought I already asked

Sparkystream: and I was going to remember maybe

pixel_voxel: I'm only looking forward to it because then my sister doesn't get to stay on her iPad forever

Sparkystream: Why do you dislike your sister

Sparkystream: my sister is fun I think

pixel_voxel: she couldn't be bothered to clean out a pan

pixel_voxel: or really do anything

Sparkystream: neither could I 'w'

Sparkystream: unless

Sparkystream: I can act like a mai

Sparkystream: d

pixel_voxel: I just asked her again.

pixel_voxel: She didn't even say anything to me.

Sparkystream: how old is she

pixel_voxel: One year younger than me. :]

Sparkystream: sjdnsjdna

Sparkystream: how many years of age without comparing her to anyone else is she?

Sparkystream: 'w'

pixel_voxel: I can't answer this now without giving my own age.

Sparkystream: yes you can't

Sparkystream: Why is your age a secret anyway

Sparkystream: I'm 14 lol

Sparkystream: I think you'reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sparkystream: 16

Sparkystream: Am i winre?

pixel_voxel: Nope.

Sparkystream: dammit

Sparkystream: 15?

Sparkystream: wait umm

pixel_voxel: I'm not gonna keep answering.

Sparkystream: what is driving age in your state

Sparkystream: awwh

Sparkystream: i bet I was close

Sparkystream: I bet it's 15

Sparkystream: I beeeet a sakura clicker dlc it is

pixel_voxel: Alright one more answer.

pixel_voxel: It's not 15.

Sparkystream: ;m;

Sparkystream: Oh my

Sparkystream: Not 15 or 16?

Sparkystream: I'm very surprised

Sparkystream: I didn't think you could be so much older than me

Sparkystream: I'm pretty sure you're not 15

Sparkystream: 14*

Sparkystream: ..unless you are ;n;

Sparkystream: wait

Sparkystream: heheheheh

Sparkystream: okay I see what you wanted

pixel_voxel: What.

Sparkystream: pick a number between 0 and 22

pixel_voxel: 6.

Sparkystream: this is hilarious okay

Sparkystream: hold on


Sparkystream: HAVE FUN


Sparkystream: I'm hilarious

Sparkystream: I'm just really dumb 'w'

Sparkystream: Can you screenshot the message for me

Sparkystream: I want to save it


Sparkystream: thanks :]

Sparkystream: enjoy your present producer directors cut

Sparkystream: You most certainly obviously gave me another answer because I offered that

Sparkystream: if you give it to twin he'll love you

pixel_voxel: ok

Sparkystream: You don't have to lol

pixel_voxel: i'm gonna do it

Sparkystream: I know you "treasure it dearly"

Sparkystream: Okay

pixel_voxel: i already saved the joke

Sparkystream: lol

Sparkystream: present producer

pixel_voxel: besides, who else would play sakura clicker

Sparkystream: um

Sparkystream: I wonder

Sparkystream: who

Sparkystream: let's not think about that